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Creek-Q offers corporate and private events in an array of styles perfect for company picnics, power meetings, garden parties, sixth or sixtieth birthdays, weddings and anything else that may fall in between.


Whether you are looking for a local BBQ, a vegetarian feast or a sweeping gourmet dinner service we will be happy to work with you to prepare a tantalizing menu. All of our dishes are homemade and freshly prepared for your event.


If the site is a problem we will be happy to help you pick a venue and create the ambiance, but, the guest list is up to you.


Growing up in the rural South, there are four things all males learn by the age of twelve. They are to hunt, fish, drive a tractor, and to cook BBQ. This is how my love of cooking started.

I began by helping my father cook BBQ and learned the traditional way to cook it. I also learned from the old men in the area. I began to develop my own
rubs and sauces and soon was doing most of the BBQ for my family. I would
also invite my friends over and would serve them my BBQ for their enjoyment.

As I grew up to adulthood, I continued to develop my BBQ
methods and cooked for friends. I would cook for the parties they held. Soon it seemed I was in demand about every weekend to cook BBQ for someone.

I took this to even a higher level as I began to cook in local competitions to see how I ranked among the others in the area that were into BBQ. This then led to me joining two large BBQ organizations for even more growth. I joined both the Florida BBQ Association and the Kansas City BBQ
. After joining these groups I became certified with both as a Judge. I also started Creek Q as a competition team. This continued my knowledge and also my fame in the BBQ world.

My next move was to start to do catering jobs for friends and others that knew what I was doing. This led to a
Catering business I began in 2001.
I have the ability to
cook onsite for large private parties and also corporate events for up to 1500




In Addition to the Best BBQ, You Will Find . . 


I am a trained Gourmet Chef and also work as a Personal Chef for individual families. I can come to you and cook meals from scratch that are just what you love. This can be scheduled for you on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.
Save time and let me do great meals for your family. All meals are made using only the freshest ingredients. You choose what you want. I can cook your gourmet favorites or just good down home comfort foods. I am also available for dinner parties up to 15 guests.  I will come to you and prepare a three to five coarse meal and no need to worry about getting that reservation and hoping the server
and kitchen staff are having a good day. You will know you are getting the best food and it will be what you want -- made from the freshest of ingredients.
Remember That Special Occasion!




On the next page you will find the Menu for my Great BBQ as well as my personal Chef Menu Examples

Creek-Q caters to all types of events:

  • Weddings
  • Brithdays
  • Company and holiday parties
  • School and summer festivals
  • And much more

Sample menus: Inspiration for your celebration

Use our complete creative sample menus to make your celebration a truly unique event.



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